Avocado Lotion

this product belongs to the group: Footwear Care »Clean

product code: 045048

capacity: 75 ml

product description:

Avocado Lotion - cares and cleans inside and outside parts of shoes. Especially recommended for the inner parts of sandals, slippers, clogs and summer shoes made of smooth and synthetic leather. Also is suitable for plastic shoes. The unique formula contains avocado oil and other safety components. Avocado lotion cares  shoes, giving the surface a very delicate shine and silky softness. Avocado Lotion removes stains such as natural dust, dirt and sand beach. Regular use help to keep shoes in a good condition for a long time. The product is suitable for every colour of leather  and  is dermatologically tested.

application method:

Rub vigorously  the liquid into the contaminated area. Allow to dry. If necessary, repeat the procedure to obtain the desired effect.


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