Bamboo & Alum Relax

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product code: 030122

product description:

The insoles are designed for people with flat feet. They use foot longitudinal arch support and a metatarsal support which preferably varies the distribution of pressure on the metatarsal heads. At the back part there is a element cushioning micro shocks, created during heel strike a hard surfaces while walking.
Insoles consist of the following layers: the terrycloth bamboo fibers, latex foam with activated charcoal, with crystals of potassium alum and profiled material. Bamboo fiber and natural potassium alum inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. The outer material which is directly in contact with the foot, absorbs sweat, ensuring freshness and hygiene of your feet on every day basis. Latex foam layer provides a soft feel, increasing comfort while walking.
Recommended for people with sensitive and rheumatoid feet, athletes and both, performing both standing or require the intensive walking activity.


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