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Leather Penetrating Dye

this product belongs to the group: Professional

product code: 0415042

capacity: 50 ml

product description:

Basic penetrating dye for natural smooth and grain leather. Also is recommended for imitation leather. Not suitable for nubuck and suede. Product penetrates deep into the leather structure. Even after a long period of time colour will not dulling and fading. Leather Penetrating Dye gives the leather a deep colour.

application method:

The cleaning and the removal of surface finishing are requierd before dyeing the leather.For leather : Prepare the leather with  Kaps  Conditioner or acetone-based solvent. For synthetic leather: Prepare the synthetic leather with an alcohol-soaked cloth. Allow to dry. Shake the container with dye and  apply it by brush. Let dry. If necessary, a second coat may be applied.  For a superior finish, the application of Kaps Delicate  cream is recommended.


  Available colors


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