Super Color

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product code: 0415020

capacity: 25 ml

product description:

A specially dye for natural and synthetic leather. Also is suitable for textiles. Paint on any colour, even white on black. Super Color has ability to cover small skin defects resulting from abrasions and scratches on footwear and leather accessories. Paint and restores the color permanently.  Repels water. Does not crack or chip. Painted leather is ready to use after 24 hours.

application method:

For natural leather :  before painting use Kaps Conditioner or Preparer. For synthetic leather: before painting use just Preparer. Stir the bottom of the bottle of dye with the paintbrush until getting a homogenous colour. With the paintbrush paint the joint between the sole and the leather, on sewings, scartches.Applay the brushstrokes of  dye on the sponge. Rub gently in a circular motion on all the surface to be dyed, applying another brushstroke, if necessary.  Continue this process until the sponge will be almost dry.Once the first coat is dry applay a second coat by repeating the operation to even up all the colour. Applay a third coat, if necessary. Once procedure is finished, wash the sponge and the paintbrush with water.


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