We are a manufacturer of high quality shoe care product – shoe cosmetics, waterproofing spays and cleaning products for all types of material, comfortable shoe insoles, orthopedic insoles and orthotics, shoe laces, accessories and products for professionals in sector shoemakers services.

All our products are manufactured in Poland. In the process of their development and implementation is involved a group of young, talented engineers and designers who are supported by the experience of recognized research institutes. We have gained the recognition of the most demanding customers, offering quality, innovation and wide product range, manufacturing for many well-known, international brands.

A significant portion of our products goes to European markets. The success and high standards of customer service has been reached by our qualified staff and skilled traders who are supported in their daily work by our own factories, warehouses and logistics.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer and to start cooperation with us.

Prawa autorskie do opisu produktów oraz do prezentowanych zdjęć, są zastrzeżone zgodnie z ustawą o ochronie praw intelektualnych i praw pokrewnych.
Kopiowanie i wykorzystywanie ich w całości lub w części bez zgody właściciela jest prawnie zabronione.